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3) Skicka ett mejl till där du anger antal böcker du satt in pengar för, ditt namn, adress dit boken/böckerna ska skickas och om du vill ha boken signerad.

Boken Rädda Baby Thor är i storpocketformat (A5) och 294 sidor lång.

Om du vill ha ett recensionsexemplar eller att författaren skall komma och prata om boken, kontakta Mia på ovan mailadress.

Above is the book (only in Swedish right now) about Thor. The book is released in Sweden April 11th, 2013.

This site is maintained to help other parents who have suffered parental child abduction.

Since 2009 Mia has sole custody of Thor in Sweden as well as in the U.S. Thor lives with his mother and new brothers in Stockholm.

Andrew Yen Chen Wang, the abducting father, was warranted (until 2015 when it was lifted) by Interpol for the abduction of Thor. Andrew lives in Stockholm. Sweden lacks an extradition treaty on parental child abduction with the U.S. – Andrew could never be extradited.

Mia allows Andrew frequent contact with Thor despite all that has happened, hoping that Thor will have as normal of a relationship as possible with his father. The situation is still very complicated.

But we know this: ordinary people came together and Saved Baby Thor from an unknown fate as an abducted child.

If you are in search of help concering your own case, if it is to or from of Sweden, contact Saknade Barns Nätverk (SBN) – Missing Childrens’ Network Sweden at or visit

Mia Danielsson was vice president of SBN – Sweden and worked against parental child abductions 2009-2013. Since 2013 Mia is an active politician and oppositional council for The Sweden Democrats in Stockholm City Hall.

Legal documents in the case of Thor, and more on parental child abduction, is to be found under the tab “Press” at the very top of this page.

In the middle of the press page find the heading “Facts about Family Abductions” and click on “read more here.” There you will find links to all legal documents and more in the case of Thor Wang. 

Thanks to all of you who have contributed with your time, knowledge, commitment and money to search for Thor.

Background story 14FebVäckerMackan

On Valentine’s Day Thor Wang, a little American boy of Swedish-Taiwanese descent disappeared. The father, Yen-Chen, a.k.a. Andrew, Wang of Los Angeles, did not return the boy after his four hour allotted visitation. This is NOT a custody battle. This is parental child concealment. The mother, Maria “Mia” Danielsson Wang has sole custody of baby Thor and the baby’s father Wang had visitation rights only.

The Day of the Abduction
Mia handed Thor over to Wang for a parental visitation on Saturday, Feb 14th at 11am. This happened at the Marina del Rey Sheriff’s office, Ca. It was ordered by the court that this was the place for the Mia to hand Thor over to Wang and this was also the place where Wang was supposed to hand him back to Mia at 4pm the same day. As Mia was awaiting their arrival and they didn’t show up Mia called Wang to ask where he was. He asked for another hour with the baby. Mia agreed. She went back to the Sheriff’s office at 5pm. Wang did not return with the baby. After 4 hours of agony Mia finally was allowed to file a suspicious circumstance report with the Sheriff’s office. Personnel from the office also went out to Wang’s home to see if he was there. He was not.

The following day Thor is still not returned to his mom. Sunday Feb 15th, Mia was allowed to file two missing person’s reports, one for Thor and one for Wang. That is still where the case stands! Thor and Wang are still missing. Yen-Chen “Andrew” Wang has had two Emergency Protective Orders against him to protect Mia and Thor. One was issued by the police in April of 2008 and the latest issued 1/19/2009. Wang has repeatedly threatend to take Thor and take him out of the country.

Mia, Thor’s young mother a native of Sweden, has no relatives in the USA. She is devastated by Thor’s disappearance and fears for his life. Thor is Mia’s first and only child. He is the love of her life. She is spending every waking hour and every last dollar towards finding her boy. Baby Thor is a little more than seventeen months old now (April 09), he has never been away more than a few hours from Mia prior to this. He was still being nursed every day and is very attached to his mother. She is the center of his universe just like he was the center of hers. He is probably missing his mother desperately and confused why she is not there with him like she has been every day of his life. Please help us bring Thor home safely.

If you see Baby Thor  (no longer applies, since Thor is home now!) or know anything about this kidnapping do not hesitate to call either the LAPD at 911 or the hotline for kidnapped children the USA 1-800-THE -LOST.

Case Type: Family Abduction
DOB: Nov 5, 2007 Sex: Male
Missing Date: Feb 14, 2009 Race: Biracial
Age Now: 1 Height: 2’1″ (64 cm)
Missing City: LOS ANGELES Weight: 25 lbs (11 kg)
Missing State : CA Hair Color: Lt. Brown
Missing Country: United States Eye Color: Brown
Case Number: NCMC1116194
Circumstances: Thor was allegedly abducted by his father, Yen-Chen Wang, on February 14, 2009. A felony warrant is on file for Yen-Chen. They may travel out of the country. Thor is Biracial. He is Asian and White. Thor has a birthmark on his left wrist. Yen-Chen may go by the alias name Andrew.
Missing from: CA
Missing Since: Feb 14, 2009
Age Now: 32

67 Responses to “Nu kan du köpa boken Rädda Baby Thor!”

  1. babsan99 Says:

    That was fast – amazing job.

  2. Anna Liffen Says:

    Yes! Back in business! We need to get more creative… I’m useless, the best I’ve come up with is spamming everyone I know. I don’t have anything to sell and can’t give much money. Blogging seems to be well covered already. We need to come up with more ways of tracking Thor down…. Ideas?

    1. Ekorren Says:

      Go here: and check under “archives” under both Events and Online Benefits. Tons of ideas there, some a bit unexpected, but hey, these people raised at least 250,000 dollars (and that was when I last heard something last year, probably way more by now). Some ideas take quite a bit of organizing, but on the other hand – donating time and energy may be SO much worth, as some events like these may bring quite a bit of money.

      Other ideas can be found on this blog:
      – although getting to the actual benefit stuff requires a bitof searching. On thing I remember right away is that some people organized a golf tournament, where all proceeds went to the recovery fund.

      Another good thing for people in the LA area may be to
      deliver portions of home-cooked food to Mia. That will save her time and money, and I’m sure she’ll appreciate the thought. Same thing with everyday items she may need, and that you may have some extra of to give, or can afford to buy in bulk and give parts of to Mia.

      Anyone who happens to now lawyers etc. may benefit the search for Thor tremendously by asking them to donate their time and expertise. Perhaps someone knows someone who owns a company that makes custom-printed t-shirs and would be willing to donate some? Anything like that, which saves Mia money, may also be of great help.

      Ask people you know who happen to work for airlines, at airports (even airport stores, banks etc.) to put up the flyer. And so on!

      1. Wes Jones Says:

        “Ask people you know who happen to work for airlines, at airports (even airport stores, banks etc.) to put up the flyer. And so on!”

        Just wait till you see what we have planned for these places. The problem for us is the funding needed to start phase 2 of our business. But with luck and time, it will start.

  3. HFMC Says:

    were a small group of online volunteers if we can be of any help, currently we have a page on our site for thor with information and linking here, and sending out information to our network of sites.

  4. Babsan Says:

    HFMC: Thank you… thank you! Let’s keep infecting the internet… make it difficult to keep hiding.
    We came up with some more practical ideas after tonights LA fundraiser, and we will eventually post those ideas on the ‘how can I help’ page.

  5. Anna Says:

    Finns det ngn adress man kan skicka ngt till Mia? KRAM Anna

  6. mammamian Says:

    Hej Anna, jag mailar min adress till dig!

  7. Yas Says:

    Hej Mia skulle jag kunna få din mail adress?

  8. Jennifer Says:

    Det här företaget som Andrew Wang äger (?) och sköter, vad säger de? Det måste ju finnas någon anställd eller kund som tycker detta är konstigt att inte höra av honom?

    Jag önskar dig allt gott Mia! Jag ska ha dig i mina böner och se till att så många som möjligt får veta din historia.

  9. Noomi Tingeling Says:

    I just found a translation.. I have put this on every blogg, comunity, groupe mm that im a member in in sweden and in Taiwan, Argentina Mexico mm….. Feel free copy this and spreed it over the world!!

    東森/ETTV America, a Taiwanese news channel site regarding this. Spread the word, Taiwanese American community isn’t that big, chances are someone has information:

    MISSING Thor Danielsson Wang, 1 year old
    幫忙尋找失蹤的’台瑞混血兒'” Thor…….

    “台瑞聯姻”最後因男方有攻擊傾向 以離婚收場
    這位瑞典媽媽 經過十個月的離婚官司 取得兒子監護權
    雖然媽媽取得監護權 也有權力 就此把兒子帶回瑞典 但她仍以瑞典人常有的想法:
    不管父母是如何離婚的 孩子有權利跟父母雙方相處 所以孩子的父親 仍可定時探望兒子
    情人節那天 兒子跟著父親走 就一去不回……….兒子被父親藏起來……
    官方的說法為 “綁架”! (警方懷疑 這位台北出生的王先生 已潛逃離開洛杉磯)

    這位傷透心的母親 希望透過大家的力量 幫她找回”還在吃母奶”的兒子!
    希望各位格友 能幫幫這位母親. …….
    妳們可以”引用”此篇文章 or傳佈這個消息…..或幫忙把英文原文翻成中文!謝謝!
    相關網址: ,

    On Valentine’s Day a little Swedish-Taiwanese boy got kidnapped by his father. The father, Andrew Wang of Los Angeles owner of had a 4 hour visitation with his son. During that time the long awaited divorce and custody verdict happend to come in. Mia, the boys mom, got full custody and the right to take her son and move to her native Sweden. Wang never returned the boy.

    Thor is 1 year old and he is still being breastfed.

    Mia is a young mom who is all alone in the US. She could have taken Thor and left for Sweden long ago. But she has gone by the book and done everything right. She has made sure that Thor will get to see both his parents through the divorce that stipulates that she has to come back to the US frequently for Thor to have a relationship with his father.

    Plead from mother:

  10. K Says:

    I am not sure there is anything that I could say to make this easier for Momma Mia. Andrew if you are reading or listening to any of this, please read this. A child needs both parents, parents that are self-less and loving and can learn to co-parent properly. A child needs their mother in these earlier years more than anything in this world. I know you are a good man with a good heart and you probably are reacting from fear that Mia will take Thor to Sweden and you will not see your precious boy but that is not the case, that is not how the law works. Please return Thor to his Mother and work this out legally, you are just as much a part of his life than anyone. Please think about this and understand it takes a village to raise a baby but most importantly it takes the two of you, please return that precious soul that did not ask for any of this, do not let your child suffer a minute longer. Thank you for reading!

  11. mammamian Says:

    Anna/Yas: Fick ni min mejl adress?

    Jag finns under Maria Charlotte Danielsson på Facebook.

    Jennifer: Jo! Alla Andrews vänner och företag som han jobbade med är chockade.

  12. I just saw this on Twitter. Contact the local PI association and you’ll find someone who’ll donate some time to helping you.

  13. Beth Says:

    I posted about Thor on my blog, and just got this comment:

    Sister Julia has left a new comment on your post “Find Baby Thor”:

    please have yourself or mom contact me as I have a ministry dedicated to this type of situation.I am also located in S. California. You can email me at or visit my blog at to see my bio and background; once there, leave me a comment as how to get in touch with you and mom.

  14. Anne Says:

    I am thinking of you.

  15. boomergrl49 Says:

    So Lena, are you saying that Andrew was right not to return his son? Sorry, I don’t agree. This sounds like the mother of all divorces, I’m sure there is wrong on both sides, but in my opinion, that’s no reason to keep a nursing baby from his mother.

  16. boomergrl49 Says:

    But he did not have legal custody of Thor, Lena. He broke the law.

    I don’t really care who is right or wrong, he needs to return this child and let the courts figure this out.

    Divorce is pure hell on all concerned, and I am truly sorry for the father, but he needs to return Thor to his mother and he needs to do the right thing.

    Sounds like we do not agree on this issue, and I respect your loyalty to your friend.

    Take care, all of you.

    1. Hanna Says:

      I agree.
      The court has awarded Mia custody.
      It is never right to steal a child like Andrew has done.
      Did Mia take her son and run like Andrew did?
      If she is such a bad person, and I do NOT believe she is for one second, how is it that she agreed to do all the things she has so that Andrew could still have visitation with Thor.
      I am not stupid and I do not believe in what Andrew and his criminal friends are saying.

      1. Beth Says:

        Hanna, thanks for the comment. The problem I have with Lena’s comments is that all she wants to talk about is how big a liar the mother is, what a saint the father is.

        I don’t care who is the saint here, and who is the sinner.

        What about Thor?

        How he is doing, not being breastfed, missing the closeness he has with his mother?

        Is he getting adequate nourishment?

        Is he being held, and cuddled, and nourished in other ways, after being stolen from his mother?

        Thor’s father broke the law.

        Thor’s father did not have legal custody of his son.

        Thor’s father needs to do the right thing, bring his son back, and face the music.

  17. Babsan Says:

    Even if one leaves the issue of moving to another country with a small child aside, which I personally think is the ideal situation, it is a HUGE difference between living in another country but get to see your child on a regular basis, albeit not every day/week, and have your child TAKEN and maybe not be able to see the child ever again.

    The point here is Thor. The center of it all is Thor. He did not ask to be put through this trauma of being away for his mother who had not been apart from him for more than some hours. He was still nursing, for gods sake.

    Bring the child back to his mother, and then let the grown-up solve this.


  18. Babsan Says:

    It should have said…. ‘which I personally think is NOT the ideal situation’….

  19. Hej Mia!

    Vi kommer tillsammans att fina din underbara son Thor! Genom att sprida detta så kommer det att vara någon som reagera en dag!
    Jag finns här för dig om du behöver någon hjälp med något!
    TAck för att du var inne på min blogg!

    Kram Tina

  20. can we get a picture of Yen-chen?

  21. Mamselamsen Says:

    Elena… titta in hos mig och läs… det finns även en del intressanta foton/faksimil där.

    Det verkar som om snaran dras åt.

  22. Hej Mia!

    Jag vill bara meddela dig att jag idag börjar med att lägga upp en blogg från mig som kommer att tillägna dig och din kamp att fina Thor! Jag skulle vilja veta vad du tycker är det viktigaste och vad du vill att jag absolut ska ha med på bloggen!
    Vi måste hjälpas åt nu! Du kämpar och kämpar nu ska jag också göra något för dig!!!
    Kramn Tina

  23. Kalei Says:

    I do not know the the details of your situation, but am sorry for your grief. The family courts are biased (research). What if as a mom you were honest, did nothing wrong, are financially capable to raise your child, love your child with all your heart and still the courts gave custody to the dad and he was planning to move to another country where you might not see your child for a long time, how would you feel? Would you want to take your child away? Dads face this dilemma every time we walk in to family court. He will not hurt Thor. I believe he loves him, but felt hopeless trying to deal with an unjust system. The problem started when you both entered the courts. The fact is that no one owns the child and no one is better at raising them. The best answer to this problem is 50/50 custody. If you disagree, than the problem may lie with you.

    Malama pono

    1. Hanna Says:

      I am sorry, I still can not see how kidnapping a young child who is still nursing in any way would make the family courts do a better job or change the way they work.
      It is not OK to steal a child from its mother or father for that matter.
      This is not the way and if you look at the details regarding Thor I am sure you would agree with the family courts decition.
      The best thing for a child is to have two loving and responsible parants but when that is not the case somebody needs to protect the child.
      If Andrew cares about his son he should bring him back NOW and start working on being a responsible father, if that is even possible….

      1. Kalei Says:

        Sorry, I am not saying what he did was right in the eyes of the so called law, but as a father going through the same in reverse, I understand. If there was abuse, then by all means, lets all stop what we are doing and help look for Thor and punish Andrew. If not, then custody has to do with what is in the best interest of the child. Thor can only benefit physically, financially and emotionally from having both parents in their lives.

    2. mammamian Says:

      If you are truly sorry for my grief do some research. Quote your sources that state that 50/50 custody is always better for a child.
      Do you know what kind of experts have observed Thor and Andrew, Thor with me? Do you know what it takes to be awarded a move away in the U.S.? Clearly not. At best you are simply un-educated and simple minded. At worst you are cruel and not compassionate.
      The only person that has a problem is me. I have had my son stolen and I do not even know if he’s alive. Try that one on.
      You don’t know Andrew (or do you?). Child abduction is never about love. Here’s some sound research for you:
      “Because of the harmful effects on children, parental kidnapping has been characterized as a form of child abuse” reports Patricia Hoff, Legal Director for the Parental Abduction Training and Dissemination Project, American Bar Association on Children and the Law. Hoff explains:
      “Abducted children suffer emotionally and sometimes physically at the hands of abductor-parents. Many children are told the other parent is dead or no longer loves them. Uprooted from family and friends, abducted children often are given new names by their abductor-parents and instructed not to reveal their real names or where they lived before.” (Hoff, 1997)
      Parental Child Abduction is Child Abuse, by Nancy Faulkner, Ph.D

      Presented to the
      United Nations Convention on Child Rights
      in Special Session, June 9, 1999, on behalf of P.A.R.E.N.T. and victims of parental child abduction.

      Nancy Faulkner 1999-2006

      Peer Reviews following this Report

      Quoted from

      1. Kalei Says:

        Again, I am truly sorry. I know this is not about me or my situation but I was describing myself in the previous response. Having let the courts decide, I now will not see my daughter until my ex decides to bring her to the states for visits. She ran off with my 2wk old daughter. I am educated and can be simple minded at times which I see as less complicating. I have done countless research and turned in A papers on the subject of child custody, support and parental rights at Columbia University. Yoou can look at the studies

      2. Kalei Says:

        Please forgive me if I sounded harsh. I wish you and your child the best.

      3. Kalei Says:

        Again, I am truly sorry. I know this is not about me or my situation but I was describing myself in the previous response. Having let the courts decide, I now will not see my daughter until my ex decides to bring her to the states for visits. She ran off with my 2wk old daughter for 6months I could not find her. I know that my ex only had to lie and fabricate abuse to get the courts on her side. I also have 20+yrs of experience working for child protective services. I am educated and can be simple minded at times which I see as less complicating. I have done countless research and turned in A papers on the subject of child custody, support and parental rights at Columbia University. You can look at the studies. I know you must be hurting and I am sorry. I hope this all ends positively for you and Thor.

        Malama Pono

  24. Anonymous Says:

    Dear Mia,

    I am so sorry at these kind of things happening. This is the reality of Taiwanese, but the media will never broadcast this reality. They demonize Chinese and KMT national government and say that Taiwanese are different race for political benefit. LA is sister city to Taiwan, and Taiwan adores these type of places in the US (Texas, Massachussetts). They are lower than Eastern Euro-Asia.

    I hope this guy is caught and put on file for his criminality and never exempted from documentation even under pressure of his tech-economy capabilities, earning power and global social status.

    As for Taiwanese (DPP) … they are liars pretending to be political victims, who don’t think much about things like this. They take it for granted.

    That is telling of the reality of Taiwanese pretending to be political victims via instigation by western powers (including UK) to support their lies against China and Mainland Chinese ethnicities.

    A negative example of their propaganda and posing victim is as follows:

  25. Babsan Says:

    How amazing with the deal!!!!
    Please urge all your friends and family to go there and buy this years christmas presents, birthday gifts etc there, tomorrow!

  26. Anna Says:

    Just nu på TV4+, Dr Phil om barn som blivit kidnappade av den andre föräldern, repris den 5/4!


  27. Susanne Says:

    Ja det blev 1001:- för den gamla Laptopen.
    Pengarna sätts in på ditt konto idag Mia.

    Skickar också ett gäng styrkekramar till dig från mig.

    Kramizar Susanne

  28. Anonymous Says:

    Have you reported this to the FBI? Maybe also make use of the (international) relevant media?

    1. mammamian Says:

      Thanks for your comments and ideas. FBI won’t touch Thor’s case, since there is no trace of Andrew nor of Thor. FBI say they don’t get involved until there’s evidence that they have left the state or the country… Which there might never be. PIs are very expensive, but it is for this reason that I accept donations.

  29. Anonymous Says:

    Also use of homeland security services from Sweden and other relevant governments?

    Maybe find the top (ex-secret service, ex-intelligence agency) private detective agencies (PI, private investigators) to help track them down?

    Sometimes it takes as much as private investigators. That way they can’t hide. (But depends on the quality of the detective agencies; crime and corruption in California is rampant at all levels).

    How about this detective agency (this is the kind of top-notch agency I’m talking about) –

    Best regards.

    1. mammamian Says:

      International media has so far not been really interested in Thor’s case.

  30. MariaNJ Says:

    Hej Mia-

    Kan du maila mig din adress? Jag vill skicka ett paket till dig imorgon. Manga kramar

  31. Anna Hagg Drougge Says:


    Jag har just kontaktat SWEA Los Angeles och hoppas de kommer hjalpa till med att sprida information.


  32. Grete Bigert Says:

    Hej Mia,

    Vi sags pa svenska skolans picnic i lordags. Jag skulle bara saga att mitt foretag har ett booth pa Skandinaviska Festivalen i Thousand Oaks i helgen. Du far garna vara med oss och dela ut information alternativt skicka mig flyers som jag kan dela ut.
    Kram & halsningar,
    Grete Bigert

    1. mammamian Says:

      Tack Grete! Det är möjligt att jag kan komma och vara med 🙂 Jag har varit på Skandinaviska Festivalen förut, det brukar vara roligt.

      Om inte så skickar jag gärna flyers. Mejla mig på så kan vi mejla lite privat.


  33. ullrika Says:

    hej mia,

    jag greps av din historia. din lille thor är tre dagar äldre än min dotter och jag blev verkligt berörd av vad som hänt.

    inte för att det kanske hjälper det minsta men jag vill ändå du ska veta att jag håller mina tummar för att han ska få komma hem till dig. jag förstår inte hur en människa som hans pappa tänker… det är fasansfullt.

    mängder av vänliga hälsningar från mig.

  34. Camilla Says:


  35. Elin Says:

    Hej Mia!
    Jag har nu lagt upp ett inlägg på min blogg angående din kamp för att få hem din lille Thor. jag kommer tänka på er & följa er.
    kram elin

  36. Nicholas Holm Says:

    Another Swede/American writing from San Diego.

    I’m really sorry about the grief the mom of the child is going through, I truly am.

    Having said that, would it be ok to ask why the mother asked for sole custody?

    I don’t know all the details and appologize before hand but very often sole custody is sought and awarded by revengeful ex-wives as a form of punishment. Especially in the very leftist and pro-women courts of California. If you think otherwise you’re lying to youself.

    I noticed something mentioned about the husband having a restraining order – was he actually convicted of threatening the mother and the child or was it alleged by the ex? Because I think you are supposed to be “innocent until proven guilty” – of course, often that applies to women only…

    If a man knows that he will never see his child again (i.e. the child is being moved to another country) sometimes he (and often a she) will go into a panic mode and do whtatever takes to prevent that.

    My best friend went through hell when his ex-wife met someone else and decided she wanted to move to her lover’s home country of France WITH her and my best friend’s child. She knew it would be almost impossible UNTIL she reported him for spousal abuse – after she’d already left him. Eventually she got full custody, moved the kid to France and my friend us still paying child support and alimony.

    I’ve known my friend for over 20 years and even though myself and numerous igmf his friends testified on his behalf he still lost in court (San Fransicko).

    Two years after the move her ‘guilty concience’ made her write him a letter appologizing for ‘hurting him’ but she still got what she wanted simply by lying and being believed by courts simply because she is a woman.

    This case might be totally different and I hope and pray they will resolve it somehow but I do wish we got to ‘hear’ the other side of the story… It does take two to tango and an allegation of abuse is not the same as a conviction.

    Again, I appologize if I hurt anyone’s feelings here but after witnessing the extreme pro-women bias in the California courts when my friend was basically raped by the so called justice system both my wife and myself get very sceptical when a parent (regardless the gender) asks for sole custody so she (or he) can move with the child to another country.

    Vi önskar det allra bästa för barnet och alla de inblandade i denna tragedi…

  37. Melissa Bellamy Says:

    The father broke the law so he is screwed no matter what.

    However, it is very true that the law is very biased when it comes to fathers’ rights!

    My own brother would be a perfect example of how being ‘the wrong gender’ hurts when fighting a vengeful spouse in our divorce courts.

    When it’s “he said – she said” a man basically needs a witness whereas a woman does not. They will ALWAYS believe her over him, or at least 95% of the time.

    I too would like to hear the other side of the story.

    But for the sake of the precious baby I hope there will be a solution that both of them can accept. Even though, like I said, it’s probably too late for the father as they’ll most likely throw him I jail for years and years to come…

  38. Therese Says:

    Jag beklagar all sorg o allt din familj o framförallt du och thor måste genomgå. Ruttet att ni inte får någon hjälp från Sverige..
    Jag kan tyvärr bara bidra med lite men donerade via paypal.. inte mkt men det lilla jag hade där.. men allt är ju bättre än inget..

    Håller tummarna för dig o hoppas att du får ner din advokat så att du kan få rätt hjälp

  39. Johanna Says:

    Hej Mia

    Håll ut och var stark! Du kommer få tillbaka honom och du är inte ensam! Jag ska sätta in pengar,skulle vilja hjälpa mer men vet inte hur. Kan jag få din mailadress? Vad händer nu? Tänker så på er. Johanna

  40. Johanna Says:


    Jag la upp en sak på familjeliv, där finns många föräldrar med goda hjärtan som vill hjälpa. Se
    Om det inte är ok, säg till!

  41. Noomi Tingeling Says:

    Nu finns det ju bevis på att Thor har tagits ut ur landet så NU kan inte FBI göra annat än att hjälpa.. Har du varit i kontakt med dem?!

    Förlåt att jag varit frånvarande Mia, många tragiska dagar, veckor och månader här med. Men mina tankar och böner har aldrig svikit er….
    Kram Noomi

  42. David Says:

    Försök hitta någon mäktig allierad,
    någon med makt. Be Guatemalas president
    om hjälp vet jag.

    Att tro att domstolar ska fungera som
    i väst där är skjuta sig själv i foten.

    Det är pengar och makt som gäller.

    Lycka till!

  43. anna Says:

    satte just in 50 bucks via paypal.
    hoppas att allt gar bra
    anna i usa

  44. Jessica Says:

    Tack och lov att man har hittat baby Thor. Men mardrömmen i Guatemala låter ju inte klok! Mina tankar är med dig och din son! Donerade via paypal idag. Hoppas ni får vara tillsammans snart!!!

    Jessica i Orange County.

  45. Hej Mia!
    Skickar dig en massa styrke kramar ! Du kommer att klara detta ! Det är så otroligt tufft för dig nu men när dom jobbiga stunderna kommer så ska du verkligen veta att du har med dig en massa människor som stöttar dig till 110% och som kommer hjälpa dig att få hem din lilla Thor till Sverige snart!
    Jag kommer att göra allt jag kan för att hjälpa dig!
    Det är så otroligt skönt att veta att du har Camilla också som jag är inne och läser hos ofta för att få veta hur det går för er!
    Jag tänker på dig och lilla Thor och jag lovar att du kommer att fixa detta!
    Kram Tina

  46. Malin Kungshammar Says:

    Jag har läst om er i Aftonbladet här hemma i sverige… Jag började gråta… Både för att jag tycker att det är så fruktansvärt tråkigt, illa, bedrövande o hemskt och för att du är SÅÅÅ stark!! Kämpa vidare!! Du har honom snart i din famn!! Det är jag SÄKER på!!!
    // Malin

  47. Karin i australien Says:

    Mia, fortsätt var stark, tänk BARA på Thor, ingen annan. Lev för Thor. Ät och drick för Thor och sov för Thor så du är pigg och fräsch när Thor ser dig… för det var vad du var sist ni sågs den där morgonen hemma i amerika.

    Använd den där JÄVLA anamman inom dig att det här fixar jag!
    Fortsätt med de där knepen när du träffar Thor att sjunga Thors och dina gemensamma favoritsånger det vinner du på.

    Du kanske brukade busa med Thor med att säga Vem är mammas pojk?? Eller Var är Thor…Titt ut!! Gjorde ni roliga ljud tillsammans eller grimaser.

    Försök att fokusera på Thor som om ni var hemma i hans rum med hans leksaker.

    Ta med en leksak eller hans favoritgossedjur nästa gång ni ses.

    Jag skickar positiva energier tillsammans med att jag ser att din mamma håller dig på dina axlar och klappar dig på håret. Tänk positivt och le, speciellt när du är med Thor för det vill han se.

    Varma hälsningar
    Karin i Canberra, australien. Mamma till 15mån svensk/austr son, 4årig svensk/austr dotter

  48. Joakim Says:

    Tänker på dig här hemma i Sverige.

    Läste artikeln i Aftonbladet idag.
    Har nog bara en enda tanke att ge honom till honom:

    “Det man inte har, kan man ta.
    Men tar man det man inte får så förlorar man ofta det man har”. THE CHOICE IS YOURS ……!!

    //Joakim, pappa till 2st döttrar.

  49. Maria Says:

    I was so glad when I read this morning to find out that Mia and Thor has been reunited. I have been waiting to read this ever since I read about the abduction the first time on Be safe and I wish you both the best in the future and enjoy your move back to Sweden.

  50. Svasti Says:

    Its so great that Thor has been found. But I don’t understand why this case isn’t being extradited back to the US? Why is Guatemala even considering trying the case locally? That doesn’t make any sense to me!

  51. Stacie Says:

    Any updates on how you and Baby Thor are doing?

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